keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2012

OMG! I'm in Facebook - I'm a sell-out

I haven't exactly been a great big fan of social media. Supposedly everyone should be there - well, because everyone is there. Doing things just for the sake of following the pack is for the simple minded, I still reckon. Anyhow, I have joined the Facebook due to a must of a situation.

Finally I decided to go for Spotify to get my share of great music more easier. Apparently you cannot do that anymore without a Facebook account. At least I did not find any loop holes to manage my way to Spotify. So I had to put my jacket on inside out, turn my sled, follow the pack - for the sake of getting something done. I am aware of my short comings and limitations in thought process. I try not to rant against social media enthusiasts but I won't listen to any kind of propaganda without offering another kind of a view. Fundamentalist pot holes are in all cases a nasty place to spend ones limited time.

Time will tell whether my account stays as a sleeper or if I start to channel bits of my somewhat weirdish intake of life in another media also. After all, if you want real friends you need to dare much more than open up your laptop. Open the door, open your mind and eventually open your heart! Social media is no salvation and no damnation if you have your values in the right place.

Now I can plunge into the further depths of music. One goal is to swipe away certain prejudices I have towards big chunks of music. Still I refuse to listen voluntarily some supposedly popular hits and genres if they do not strike the right cords in me. The big pack, masses of folks may go down that road but I ain't gonna take general opinion as an automatic reason to do and believe.

Rock on 'cos you have a Soul inside!

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