torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2012

Now I'm a CSI person

Each and every person is different. And constantly changing - more or less. Do you know yourself? Are you two different people in work and at home? How can you make your mark here in a sensible and effective way?

There must be all sorts of tests to evaluate people. I as a part of the team that I work with was placed on a sort of circle of four types. Now I do not recall the name of this method and will only speak about my results. It was a pleasant surprise how accurate - pretty much spot on -  the evaluation was. Especially the written description caused me to laugh out loud in my fortress of solitude, occasional hotel room that was.

The evaluation revealed (huge surprise hardly not though) that I'm predominantly compliant person. Also my steady and influential parts got pretty high values much to my liking. So it defines me somewhat semi-scientifically as a CSI person with my D for dominant being quite much tainted. My natural style is luckily not that far away from my adapted working style.

It makes a difference to me how people around me are coping. I do not want to hurt anyone but sometimes good things only follow painful truth. I need my time to make decisions which have to be based on proper thinking. If I'm cornered I might just eventually come up with such decisive arguments that the victory shall be mine.

And some quotes on me: If "enough is enough" may tend to explode. Is outgoing at suitable occasions.

I don't recall more now but there is a lot of serious actions - and knowing me - also humour to be drawn from the evaluation results. And of course knowing me is not all, knowing you is the other part.

Still I might argue with some results on me. My self-confidence is apparently relatively low. With this sort of scaling it must have hit rock bottom at earlier times of my life. Although not a dominant person, I have the audacity to claim that any self-confidence not based on real self-awareness is actually a potential receipt for catastrophy. Yeah, that's it! I can bring it straight to your face if necessary. Maybe I need to think it over a long time but I've actually taken that time in plenty of cases already. If you serve your medicine better be prepared to take mouthful of it yourself. Applies to me too.

At the end of the day the type of ones communication style is just a part of any person. A hollow structure if no real content is available. How do you think of other people? As valuable and unique individuals or just mere tools for reaching your goals? Maybe part both. What do you believe in? Are you willing to learn more and offer your experiences, even those ill ones, for the best of all? Can you face disappointments and sorrow but still dig in deep and find your way back to the sunny side of life? If someone near you falls will you reach for them or turn your back?

Life is full of questions. Many of them cannot be answered with all explaining ways. Have courage to go beyond the boundaries of your safe area. Not too far at once but a step at a time. And if you are a failure be at least a spectacular failure!

What I say is straight from my heart but also often times a joke. And if you don't realise that the joke is on you. So learn yourself but don't use it as an excuse.

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